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  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
  • SKU: 611155
  • Model Number: 3107-6

1/2" Right Angle Drill, 0-335 RPM/0-750 RPM

  • Manufacturer: Marco
  • Model Number: 1001152

Touch-ups or complete job requirement, the 1.5 cu/ft M-Series Blast Pot is up for the task. With a moisture separator as part of the piping, you can count on dryer abrasive to reduce your downtime. Flexible pneumatic tires and a tilt-and-go handle make this machine highly mobile. Included is the KwikFire 153 Remote Control Handle, built in nozzle holder and proven 2-Hole Jr. Integrator MixingValve. Features•durable powder-coated finish •Compact & Portable Design •Simple to Operate & Maintain •Two Hole Junior Metering Valve provides precise metering capabilities
•Dish head for hassle free filling •Triangle handle for easy pressurization •Built-in moisture separator & pressure gauge•KwikFire 153 Remote Control Swicth offers starting & stopping control and a nozzle holder, all-in-one (optional)
•125 psi operating pressure

  • Manufacturer: Jet
  • SKU: 724656
  • Model Number: 441320

JET 20-Ton Capacity SJ Series SCREW JACK -- Contractor quality mechanical jack for all-purpose lifts and supports. Holds heavy loads indefinitely - will not creep. Heavy-duty bell shaped cast base. Less effort required to lift capacity load with new design. Corrugated steel swivel head turns easily under load. Easy to carry and position with built-in handle. Compliance: ANSI/AMSE B30.1 standards
Turning bar is optional. See True Value # 724607

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 372224

Diamond Coring Tool DD 130 (BI)

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 3468967

TE 3000-AVR Performance Package (Tool only + 2 Chisels)

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 3468966

TE 3000-AVR Performance Package with Cart

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 248739

Breaker TE 1000-AVR 120V

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 3468367

TE 70-ATC Performance Package(Fixed) 120V TPS

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 228085

Rotary Hammer TE 2 120V Case

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 248739

Breaker TE 1000 - AVR 120V

  • Manufacturer: General Wire Spring
  • Model Number: X500

Spin Drive Less Snake with Open Drum X500

  • Manufacturer: General Wire Spring
  • Model Number: X-25-2

Open Handy with L25FL1DH

  • Manufacturer: General Wire Spring
  • Model Number: R-SV-D

Super-Vee - D - L/Case

  • Manufacturer: General Wire Spring
  • Model Number: R-KR-D-WC

Kinetic Water Ram with Case - D

  • Manufacturer: General Wire Spring
  • Model Number: MR-D-O

D-O Mini-Rooter with slip clutch

  • Manufacturer: General Wire Spring
  • Model Number: ER-E

Easy Rooter with 5-8in x 100ft cable

  • Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line
  • Model Number: Q550

The Q550 allows the DIYER to install the new engineered flooring

  • Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line
  • Model Number: U2

The U2 has a 10" nose and 1.5" clearance so the DIYER can sand under toe kicks and baseboard heat

  • Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line
  • Model Number: SL7

7" Floor edger runs at 3600 RPM is powerful enough for the toughest job and finishes beautifully

  • Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line
  • Model Number: SL8

The SL8 floor sander combines tilt action sanding and a drum that runs at a slow constant speed to allow the DIYer to achieve professional results!

  • Manufacturer: Electric Eel
  • SKU: 578375
  • Model Number: Z5K-1/2IC75

The Z5 drain cleaner is the perfect in between machine for 1 1/4"-4" drain lines for distances up to 75ft. The 1/2" diameter inner core cable is tough yet flexible enough to negotiate bends and traps. The Z5 features a safety slip clutch, fold down handle, 10" wheels for easy transport and a variety of cleaning tools to conquer any job

  • Manufacturer: EDIC
  • Model Number: 401TR

Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoe for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors plus longer brush life. Full compliment of optional accessories attaches to back of unit for cleaning upholstery, stairs, etc. Handle adjusts to operator height and folds down for easy storage. Patented lift-off bucket with bladder makes filling and empltying incredibly easy. See-through recovery dome. Side extension for cleaning rght to baseboards. Upright- mounted motor and intercooler system combine for long-lasting operation

  • Manufacturer: EDCO
  • Model Number: 95400

1.5HP Elec, 6.9 CFM @100 PSI Air Compressor

  • Manufacturer: EDCO
  • Model Number: 27200

ALR-BS Straight Big Stick, requires 12-15 CFM @ 90 PSI, includes one 3" Chisel