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  • Manufacturer: Intec
  • Model Number: K81018

Intec’s highly portable Cyclone processes over 800 pounds of cellulose or 200 pounds of fiberglass per hour while weighing only 142 pounds with our recently enhanced aluminum airlock. This system provides ease of transportation to the job site, in addition to timely installation of attic insulation – less than 1 hour to install R-19 cellulose and under 1-1/2 hours to install R-19 fiberglass in a 1000 square foot attic

  • Manufacturer: ICS
  • Model Number: 525392

All purpose chain designed to cut most materials

  • Manufacturer: ICS
  • Model Number: 544106

Everything that makes chain saws the preferable method in cutting concrete, stone and masonry is found in a powerful 6.4 hp (94cc) saw. Deep straight cuts up to 16" and square corners with ease of use and dependable performance to match

  • Model Number: 614277

Dry areas quickly with this compact, three-speed blower.
Quickly dry carpet, hard floors, fresh paint, concrete sealer and much more.
Ensure durability and many years of use with this blower's rotationally-molded body

  • Manufacturer: Nobles
  • Model Number: 9003538

Produce consistent results on uneven floors with the patented, free-floating head design
Reduce training time with easy-to-use controls
Excellent gloss performance with powerful 2,000 rpm "on the floor"

  • Model Number: U Sand Pro

Using four-pad, random orbit technology, the U-Sand Pro sander makes floor sanding easy and worry-free

  • Manufacturer: Windsor
  • Model Number: 98408600

Zephyr Steam Cleaner w/ Cart

Commercial application steam cleaner for continuous professional applications. The Zephyr heats quickly and allows for constant refilling without the unit needing to cool down

  • Manufacturer: Windsor
  • Model Number: 10090160

The Lightning 20" (508 mm), 1500 rpm burnisher combines a precisely-balanced design with a powerful 1.75 hp DC motor for a faster shine

  • Manufacturer: Windsor
  • Model Number: 98400690

The Presto 3 Deluxe is ideal for cleaning carpet spots, upholstery and fabric wall coverings, and comes with both a clear hand tool and a Double Dry hand tool.

PRESTO™ 3 Deluxe - - 2 gallon mini-carpet extractor/spotter, with Double Dry™ and standard hand tool, 1.16 hp two-stage vac motor, 55 psi pump, 2 gallon solution and recovery tanks, clear 4" wide hand tool

  • Manufacturer: Windsor
  • Model Number: 98400680

The Presto 3 Series is ideal for cleaning carpet spots, upholstery and fabric wall coverings.

PRESTO™ 3 - - 2 gallon capacity mini-carpet/spotter with standard hand too, 1.16 hp two-stage vac motor, 55 psi pump, 2 gallon solution and recovery tanks, clear 4" wide hand tool

  • Manufacturer: Warner Manufacturing
  • SKU: 547885
  • Model Number: 790

12" Floor Scraper, 4" Blade

  • SKU: 553081
  • Model Number: 5687

Electric Wallcovering Steamer for easy removal of wall coverings

  • Manufacturer: Warner Manufacturing
  • SKU: 549436
  • Model Number: 250

Wallcovering Perforator tool designed by wallpaper professionals to make projucts fo smoother & faster. Helps save time and minimize problems

  • Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson
  • SKU: 9098
  • Model Number: PT3A

Centrifugal pumps designed to keep your jobsite dry. With its radial flow design and built-in contractor friendly features, this line of trash pump has redefined the quality and durability standards of self-priming centrifugal trash pumps. These 3-inch trash pumps can handle solids up to 1.5 inches

  • Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson
  • SKU: 9092
  • Model Number: PT2A

These centrifugal trash pumps have proven themselves on jobsites around the world. Pumps feature hardened ductile iron impeller and volute with patented pump cover, volute and volute insert providing a rugged, easy to maintain pump that will stay on the job longer. Units can handle solids up to 1.0 inch

  • Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson
  • SKU: 620358
  • Model Number: M2000, SM3S, H45HA

The Head, Motor, and Shaft (HMS) system is extremely versatile. These high frequency flex-shaft internal vibrators can be adapted to every type of application. Heads and shafts can be easily combined and rapidly exchanged to match the right equipment to the job. Unique hybrid heads offer optimum concrete consolidation and movement. HMS systems provide reliable performance and quality concrete

  • Manufacturer: Karcher Shark
  • Model Number: KE-231507D

European style electric pressure washer. This cold water machine offers ergonomic design and total trigger shutoff. It also has highly innovative German engineering such as a an ergonomic trigger gun with complete shutoff at the trigger, and a triple changeover nozzle for easily altering the spray pattern and a patented direct drive pump rated at 1.1 - 2.3 GPM @ 300 - 1500 PSI The electric motor has 3.2hp Electric 120V and 20amp for strong long lasting power

  • SKU: 101089
  • Model Number: 32820

Cutter 1/8"-2", Heavy-Duty 2-A

  • SKU: 432070
  • Model Number: 31105

Pipe Wrench 24" lightweight aluminum 824

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 111541
  • Model Number: 47100

The PortaJACK-PRO floor tightening jack is a professional tool offering a durable design capable of standing up to the rigors of daily use. Constructed of the best material available and designed with the professional installer in mind, it is a precision built tool that can deliver more than a ton of force and will provide you years of quality service. The PortaJACK-PRO floor tightening jack is designed to hold flooring strips tight and keep in place for nailing. Can also straighten crooked or bowed flooring strips and hold in the nailing position. It can apply more than a ton of force and provide the hold necessary to free the installer’s hands for nailing. The PortaJACK-PRO is designed as one tool that will both push or pull the flooring strips tight. With its removable shoe you can efficiently position the jack on the floor or in the field of flooring without damage to the floor

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 705816
  • Model Number: 470

The 470 Portamatic TL pneumatic flooring nailer is designed to nail ¾” thick wood flooring and includes a shoe pad for nailing ½” wood flooring Designed to accept 1-1/ 2 or 2” Flooring nails T OR L Flooring nails. You choose the Porta-Nail flooring fastener T or L based on the style you are now using or style that is readily available to you. Operates at 70-90 PSI @ 3.5 cfm. A light tap of the mallet ensures the Porta-Nail is set tight in the proper location every time for a wood floor that stays put. The Portamatic TL is light weight; easy to use has an integrated safety to prevent accidental discharge. Porta-Nails 16 ga. flooring nails are made of the finest materials and well defined serrated barbs to provide superior holding power and will not let go. Porta-Nails are also available in stainless steel for ACQ treated materials. Cat # 47090 Wide Profile Shoe is available to position Portamatic TL in front of tongue to provide balance and protecti