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Preparing Your Lawn for Spring & Summer

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring & Summer

Hard work in the spring pays off with a beautiful green lawn in the summer.

 A beautiful lawn is the product of hours of hard work and diligence. If you want to enjoy an emerald lawn this summer, you'll need to start working on it in the early spring. Following a few simple tips can improve the health of your lawn and keep it looking good all summer.

Check on Your Tools

Before you can tackle your yard, you need to make sure your tools are in good condition. Sharpening your tools and performing basic maintenance, especially on your lawn mower, can improve their efficiency. If something needs to be replaced, take a trip to your local hardware store before you start working outside.

Clean Up the Yard

Over the winter, dead grass and other organic materials have likely accumulated in your lawn. With a rake in hand, you can remove this debris without too much trouble. Be sure to do some general yard cleaning as well; put away anything that was left out over the winter to ensure the grass receives plenty of sunlight.

Take Care of Weeds

Dandelions and other weeds are the bane of any homeowner. If you don't want to use a weed spray, you'll need to eliminate these obnoxious plants by hand. Don't simply pull off the top, however. You'll need to use a trowel to pull the weed out at the root to ensure that it doesn't regrow.

Fill in the Gaps

The harsh winter weather can damage your lawn, leaving you with bare patches. Planting grass seed can help eliminate these patches. For best results, plant grass seeds early in the spring so that the seeds have enough time to establish themselves before summer's heat arrives. 

Mow the Lawn

After giving the lawn a chance to dry out from lingering winter storms, it's time to do some mowing. Mowing early in the spring helps eliminate dead grass so that new grass can get more sunlight. Mow the lawn before it starts to get long, but don't cut off too much at once. If you cut the lawn too short in one fell swoop, you may end up causing long-term damage to the grass.

Aerate the Grass

Although aerating is typically done in the fall, you can still aerate in the spring if you missed an earlier opportunity. Aerating helps improve the lawn's health by increasing nutrient absorbency and encouraging new root growth.

Although a lush lawn does take work, it's not an impossibility. With good tools and dedication, you can have a lovely lawn for the whole family to enjoy. For more help with your lawn, visit Carr Hardware today. We offer a long list of essential tools for your yard, including mowers and trimmers.