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The Big Green Egg: The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Experience

The Big Green Egg: The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Experience

Wow Your Guests with What You Can Cook in Your Big Green Egg 

Nothing beats the sizzle of steaks just seared over high heat, except maybe the juicy tenderness and flavor of pork or poultry that has been cooked over low heat for several hours. How about moist, tender meat infused with the flavor of hardwood smoke? Or fresh crusty pizza? With a Big Green Egg, you’ll be able to cook all these things and much more in your backyard or in other outdoor settings. You can be the grill master of your family or neighborhood!  


The Ultimate Cooking Experience

The Big Green Egg is a highly versatile kamado-style charcoal grill that excels in everything from high-heat searing to slow cooking at low temperatures. It’s shaped like an egg, with a firebox in the lower part and an enclosable cooking area in the upper section. It has ceramic walls an inch thick, a heavy top, and a gasket that holds heat in extremely well. The ceramic insulation makes the Big Green Egg safer to use than many grills because the outside does not get as hot, which also makes it more efficient.

The powerful heat retention allows dampers to be used for precise control of temperature. You can cook at low heat for several hours without adding coal or adjusting the dampers. A temperature gauge shows the exact temperature. You can also control the airflow into the firebox. 


Full-Flavored Cooking


Food cooked inside a Big Green Egg is highly flavorful. The sealing keeps moisture and flavor in the food. The ceramic sides mean that food does not pick up a metallic taste. This grill is also meant to be used with Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal, which contains no chemicals that would harm the flavor. The fire should be lit with the company’s all-natural starter fluid or with an electric starter, so that the taste of food is not affected by chemicals from starter fluid. 


The ability to cook for hours over low and even heat means the Big Green Egg can be used as a smoker. It can smoke meat for as long as eighteen hours, giving it a delicious flavor. A Big Green Egg can also be used as an oven with the addition of a pizza stone, or a device called the convEGGtor, to insulate the food from the direct heat of the flames. You can use it to bake bread, casseroles, pies, and more. The temperature control is more precise than that of many standard ovens. 


Since a Big Green Egg has a sturdy construction and a durable finish, it can be used year-round. This means it can be used for grilling holiday meals or smoking meat from game animals after a hunting trip.

Easy Clean-Up


The Big Green Egg is easy to clean and does not require chemical cleaners. It’s designed not to leave much ash, and the heat burns away grease that builds up inside. The efficient use of charcoal, powerful insulation and sealing, and elimination of the need for chemical cleaners make it an environmentally friendly choice. 


Size Variety To Meet Your Needs


Big Green Eggs are available in seven sizes. The largest ones, 2XL and Extra Large have plenty of space to cook for family reunions and other parties. They can even be used for restaurants and catering services. 

Many families will find a Large or Medium Egg a good size for family use and having friends over. A Small Egg works well for a small family. Some people use a smaller Egg alongside a larger one to prepare multiple dishes at once. 

The smallest versions, Minimax and Mini, are portable enough for car camping and boating trips. They give you far more control over cooking than an open fire and more versatility than a camp stove. Because the fire is enclosed, it's a safer way to cook while camping.


You can bake breads and desserts in your camp, or grill your freshly caught fish. These sizes also work well if you're just cooking for a few people. 

Enhance Your Egg With Eggcessories


Several accessories can make cooking with a Big Green Egg even better. Replacement parts are available, so you won’t have to buy a new Egg if a part is damaged.


Although the Big Green Egg has a very durable finish, you can get a cover for yours. There are stands known as “nests” available for each size of egg. There are also wooden shelves that you can attach to the sides of the Egg for holding food and utensils. A device called the convEGGtor makes it possible to use the Egg as a convection oven. You can also get a pizza stone for baking. 


Start Grilling!

A Big Green Egg is also designed to last a long time. Buying one will ensure many years of enjoyable cookouts and delicious foods. If you love outdoor cooking, you’ll love having something that’s a grill, an oven, and a smoker all in one!  If you have any questions about buying a Big Green Egg, contact us today!


Some items are special order. Our Lee store does not currently carry Big Green Egg.