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5 Tips to Throw A Successful Party

5 Tips to Throw A Successful Party

Whether you are throwing a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or a work gathering, you need to know how to make your event a success. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to ensure that your next party is successful. Here's everything you need to know about throwing a great party that your guests will talk about for years to come. 

A Great Group of Party Guests 

Despite common belief, many of the best parties are ones with a bit of exclusivity. So, instead of inviting everyone you know, from your first cousin to your long-lost childhood friends, consider only inviting a limited number of guests for your birthday party, graduation celebration, work gathering, wedding reception, or other event. Keep in mind, though, that the best crowds will consist of great listeners, as well as, introverts and extroverts.  

In order to create an interesting group of party guests, invite friends and associates from different aspects of your life such as your new office coworkers, your best friend from college, or even someone you met at another fun event.  

When deciding where to seat everyone, you'll want to keep people's personalities in mind. For instance, you may want to consider seating two animal lovers together because they have a common interest. On the other hand, a person who loves to travel may hit it off with someone who travels for a living.

If you want to get the perfect arrangement of guests, you may need to play around the seating order a little. Practice really does make perfect in this case. 

An Attractive Invitation 

One of the first steps to planning a successful party is to create an enticing invitation. When done right, guests will immediately become excited about the party upon opening the invitation. Whether you choose to create an invitation with elaborate calligraphy or fun and vibrant colors, just make sure that you include all of the important information including the party's location, time, dress code, and theme. The overall goal should be to make the invitation as appealing as possible so that guests will have a strong urge to attend.  

Scrumptious Food

A party isn't really considered a party without delicious food, right? With this important fact in mind, you'll want to create a delectable menu that is sure to please your guests. Even if the party occurs at odd hours, you'll still want to offer something to your guests. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your BBQ skills. 

If you are not a great cook, you shouldn't let this stop you from creating a delectable spread of food. Depending on your budget, you can hire a reputable catering company or simply go to the grocery store and buy small finger foods.  

Another great idea is to buy food items at a local restaurant in the area. These food items can include chicken wings, rolls, pasta, and dips. After ordering the food, display all of it on your own elegant serving platters.  

Don't forget to have most of the food prepared before the party. As the party host, you don't want to be busy preparing the food while your guests are enjoying the event.

It's also a good idea to use a tent so that the food stays covered, and your guests stay comfortable. Rent a tent at an extremely affordable price from Carr Hardware. 

You can also rent tables and chairs from Carr Hardware so your party guests can have a comfortable place to eat and relax. 

Tasty Cocktails 

For some people, a party is only a success with excellent cocktails. To ensure that you aren't playing bartender during the event, why not make a huge batch of cocktails before the party even starts? Some great cocktail options include mimosas, margaritas, and sangria. 

If you don't want to make a big batch of cocktails, you can also set up a bar and hire a bartender to do the work. Party guests can also create their own drinks.  

When all else fails, offer beer and wine! These drinks work best in the proper glassware, but solo cups may be an affordable option. 

Festive Decorations 

Whether you are having your event in a corporate space, your backyard, or anything in between, your party should include some elaborate decorations. An elaborate decor scheme can truly transform your space into an unforgettable event.  

There are so many decoration options available on the market, but some of them include flowers, streamers, balloons, an attractive tablecloth, and hanging signs.  

A Wonderful Playlist

When planning the ultimate party, of course you can't forget the music. Without a lively playlist, the event might as well be a mundane meeting, so remember to create a great playlist that sets the mood.  

Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

 -Select songs that will flow with the event

 -Create a playlist with many hours of music 

 -The dinner music should not be the same as the rest of the music 

 -Include some upbeat tunes to get the party guests dancing

 -The music should be playing throughout the party, so remember to restart the playlist if it happens to stop halfway  

 -For big party events, considering hiring a band or DJ.    

Surprise Elements  

To create a truly memorable party, you need to include some surprise elements. In other words, there should be some surprise elements in the event that "wow" your guests. Some examples of surprise elements include a photo booth, bounce house, stainless steel beverage fountain, or a hot dog rotisserie. A bounce house will definitely be a hit for the kids, and the parents will appreciate this distraction for the kids. 

When thinking about your surprise elements, remember that your guests will be talking about the fun additions long after the party is over, so make sure that they are great! 

Of course, you should use Carr Hardware for all of your party supply rental needs. Give us a call today or visit our website to see how we can help meet your needs. We can't wait to work with you to make your party a success