Carr Rewards Enrollment

Thank you for joining Carr Rewards. Here’s How Carr Rewards Works:

  • Membership is FREE!

  • Earn points every time you visit our store and make a purchase

  • Receive a reward once you achieve your spend level

  • Receive exclusive members only benefits such as advanced notice or sales, events and promotions.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Participants in the Best Reward program are subject to terms and conditions to participate. The terms and conditions that apply to the program are determined by the participating stores and the Best Rewards program and can in it’s sole discretion and without prior notice to participants cancel, change, or enhance the program at any time. For more terms and conditions please see

PRIVACY AGREEMENT: By submitting personal information applicants and members agree to the program may collect and maintain use and disclose such personal information to the administrator of Best Rewards program. For more information on privacy agreements please see .

PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP: Customers of Do It Best Co. members may enroll in this program by receiving a best rewards membership card at participating stores. Every do it best store is independently owned and operated and it’s the right of the owner to participate in all or specific program options. Information collected in the program will help tailor specific promotions based on spending habits of the specific member store.

COMMUNICATION AGREEMENT: By enrolling in the Best Rewards program we shall have the right to communicate with you via email direct mail or mobile message if information is provided. You may unsubscribe from such communications at any time.